In 1984, when we started designing “Graphics” we had a stove-heated office at Teşvikiye and our telephone number had 6 digits. On our tables we had our rapidographs, Letrasets and craft knives… Also, we had lots of creative ideas!

Today, none of them except the last one exist.

Now, more than 30 years later, we are still designing “Graphics” for our national and international clients.

  • Kemal Molu
    President / Creative Director
    Born in Ankara in 1957. After his high school education he moved to Istanbul to study graphic design at the State Faculty of Applied Fine Arts; graduated in 1980. He used to work as an art director in the leading advertising agencies. He resigned and founded his own studio in 1984 and he is still working there with his team. Molu has received many awards in illustration, cartoon and poster competitions which were held in Turkey and all around the world. His artworks were published in famous magazines and newspapers; took place in exhibitions. He taught Illustration and Design in the Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in the years of 2000-2004. He has been an active member of GMK, Turkish Society of Graphic Designers since 1982 and took place in the Executive Boards of this society. Molu has a good command of English.
  • Su Molu
    Account Executive
    She was born in Istanbul in 1992. She completed her primary and secondary education in TED Istanbul College. She attended German courses at Düsseldorf Goethe Institut between 2010-2011. During the 3 years she has lived in Germany, she took part in some projects of the world famous German companies such as Bayer, Siemens, Bosch etc. as a multiple translator for their market researches. She studied Industrial Engineering at Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) and Özyeğin University. She speaks English and German fluently.
  • Neslihan Acaröz
    She was born in Istanbul in 1995. After Kazim Ismen High School, she gratuated from FMV Isik University Industrial Design department in 2017. She joined Moludsgn team in 2018.
  • İrem Filcan
    She was born in Istanbul in 1997, and graduated from Galatasaray High School in 2016. She is currently continuing her studies at Bogazici University Mathematics Department. Having spent her university years so far with designing for student associations and non profit organizations, she decided to shape her career on graphic design. She joined Molu Design team as an intern in 2019. She speaks English and French fluently.
  • Yağmur Metin
    Intern / Designer
    She was born in Istanbul in 2000. She is a senior year student at Sariyer Sukran Ulgezen High School Graphic Design and Photography Department. In order to complete her internship for the first semestre of 2017-2018, she joined Molu Design in August 2017. She performs traditional folklore dances ib Besiktas Oyun GSK since 2011. Between 2015 - 2017, she completed Boyner's ''Career Coaches'' program.
Molu dsgn Timeline
In November, we started our business on Teşvikiye Avenue, number 117. Our office was heated with a stove and our phone had six digits... Istanbul Sheraton Hotel was our first client.
We started serving the oldest transportation and travel agency in Turkey; H.W. Feustel. We conducted promotional activities together for Robinson Club, the representation of Turkey of which H.W. Feustel had overtaken.
We moved to our new office at Harbiye. The new client of the new year was Net Group. Our first designs were for Bazaar 54 Carpet Stores. This was followed by projects carried out for various casinos and hotels within the group structure and for the Inter Limousine Service established within the same year.
On that devastating winter of '87 when Istanbul was surrounded by snow and cold, we didn't stop working. Here it is how we later illustrated our office in Harbiye in that winter as it stayed in our memories.
P.O.P. materials were designed for THY sales offices and agents. The cartoon plane character we created was used for years in various works. At the same year, we worked with Istanbul Hilton Hotel for the first time and designed ads for the Turkish Daily News newspaper which is published in English.
We started to design and draw graphics on computers. The capacity of our first Macintosh-LC was just 80 MB.
We started to work with Tetra Pak in March and this collaboration has been sustaining for over 25 years...
The Ankara Hilton was our 4th Hilton Hotel in Turkey that we provided service. One of the most pleasant projects we designed for them was their kids' menu.
The illustrations we prepared for Yapi Kredi advertising campaign appeared in the newspaper ads and on the billboards.
First collaboration with Koç Group started when they took over the Marmaris Altınyunus Hotel and contacted us for the Hotel's renovation of the corporate identity.
A brochure was prepared for Setur Antalya Marina.
Ads which were prepared for Crowne Plaza which got opened in summer were published on newspapers.
We worked hard for summer and winter campaigns of Defonseca slippers.
We worked with Karsu Tekstil for the first time. Our cooperation is still going on.
A corporate catalogue for the Cimentas Group was prepared.
Tekfen Group became our new client. We prepared their annual report of 1993.
The flour company Sokeun, known as then, became our new client. We started to work by redesigning their logo and packages. Our cooperation has been going on for more than 20 years.
Since it was established many catalogues has been prepared in different languages in Molu Design, but for the first time a catalogue in Japanese was prepared for Inter Tourism and we also prepared a brochure for them.
The jar designs for Honeyhouse brand won the packaging award in the 18th Graphic Design Exhibition which was held by GMK (Turkish Graphic Designers Assocication).
Illuminated signs in the form of a traffic light were designed and produced for United Distillers' J&B for them to be placed in bars.
The booklet we designed for Cargill Foods was published as a successful work in the most prestigious graphic design magazine "Print" which based in New York.
Tetra Pak's quarterly publication, Tetragraf was redesigned in tabloid size. Tetragraf, including the comic strip Tetragiller (Tetrasons) family, was published continuously for 5 years.
Brochures were designed for Mares Marmaris Hotel in four languages: English, German, Russian and Turkish.
Menus were designed for Tex-Mex Restaurant Tumbleweed with the sponsorship of Efes Pilsen.
Our first business association with Kontek Construction Company was started with the photo shootings of their projects in Siberia and we are still in cooperation with them.
For Tetra Pak's 50th anniversary event, a short film and the other 3D promotion materials were prepared.
For the cake mixes of flour company SOKE, photo shootings were made in Dusseldorf. The new products came onto market with the 6 different new packages and received grand interest.
All promotional materials of SOKE's 40th anniversary event were designed.
P.O.P. materials were prepared for Philips' Homeline and Azur products.
Brochures for Ulker's cakes, Dankek and Dandini, were designed.
A gala night was organized for Karsu Fabrics and all printed promotional materials were designed.
For Philips Cool Skin shavers, P.O.P. materials were prepared.
For Eczacıbasi Baxter, an illustration design, sized 70x100cm, was prepared to be used for training.
The billboards we designed for Tetra Pak Iran were placed in the streets of Tehran.
The calendar of Moludsgn received grand interest and won the Best Calendar Award in the 26th exhibition of GMK.
All the promotional materials of the 10th anniversary organization of Karsu Lenzing were designed by Moludsgn.
For the new products of SOKE, the bread mixes, photo shootings were made in Dusseldorf with German photographer Christian Schuster and the packages were designed by Moludsgn.
Tetra Pak's 2007 agenda was designed.
Tetra Pak's campaign "Winning together" and 2006 Enviroment Report were prepared.
All the printed materials were designed for SOKE's Taze Taze products.
For Tetra Pak, a promotional film lasting 6,5 minutes was completed.
The graphical works of the printed materials of Borusan were inspected by us.
A jingle was prepared for SOKE.
We started to work with Turk Telekom for the first time and a corporate catalogue was designed for them.
For the second time, we prepared The Employee's Handbook for Tetra Pak.
Tetra Pak's all corporate materials were renewed in accordance with their new corporate identity.
Our first business association with Erak Textile began with the catalogue of The Dialogues with Denim Exhibition.
The logo, catalogue and the exhibition materials of the joint project of Mimar Sinan University and Erak Giyim, "Denim Benim", were designed.
A stand was designed for the Echtzeit fair.
2010 calendars were designed for Kontek Insaat, Erak Giyim and SOKE.
A logotype was designed for the 25th year of IMKB (Istanbul Stock Exchange) and the renovation of their corporate identity began.
Moludsgn ads were published in THY Skylife Magazine.
Our packaging designs for the bread mixes of SOKE won the GMK designing award and IMKB's 25th year logo was published in the GMK catalogue.
Kardem was our first client of 2011 and we designed their corporate identity, direct mail and website.
In the 10th year of Kontek-Moludsgn cooperation, we designed their new logo and a renovation operation for their corporate identity was accomplished.
Moludsgn won 9 different catalogue design and printing tender of IMKB. We accomplished all operations within the necessary time and delivered everything to them.
Moludsgn's notepaper which was prepared as a new year's promotion won an award at the 30th Graphic Products Exhibition.
We advised Kardem Textile which prepares collections for world famous brands and follows their production to use the slogan of "Let's Play Together" and they loved and accepted the idea. According to this slogan, renovation operation for the company's corporate identity was accomplished.
We accomplished the package design operation of SOKE's sub-product Gelenek Un. We worked on the illustration of the old woman who is trying to teach her granddaughter how to spread the dough under the pavilion and applied it on the package.
We prepared the memoir and cookbook "One Life, 1000 Pinches of Delight" and the printing and distribution of it was accomplished. The second edition of the book was printed shortly and it also won the Gourmand award which is accepted as the Oscars of cookbooks and which is held in France.
We prepared the Game Changer Land, a fantastic story, for Boyner Group employees and accomplished its scenario, illustration and book design operations. The book was published in 8000 copies and won a communication award in the United States of America.
We prepared the 2013 calendar for Kontek Construction which had the photos of world famous structures in construction period. We rented black and white construction photos from the agencies all around the world and the calendar we prepared received grand attention.
Two books we designed last year received a lot of awards all around the world. Our cookbook won the Gourmand award out of 8000 books in France and the corporate culture book "Ezberbozan Alemi" we prepared for Boyner Group won the Gold and Bronze award at the Global Communication Competition which LACP organizes in USA.
Within our intense work tempo we didn't realize that we entered to our 30th year. We decided to design a logo for ourselves as a present to celebrate our 30th birthday. In the end of 30 years, we neither have a team of hundreds of people and nor a millions of dollars revenue to brag about... However, since our first day we know we have a capital which is more valuable than anything: Our creativity!
Moludsgn was invited to Turkish Airlines' design agency tender. One-year contract was signed with Lucien Arkas Vineyards for the renewal of their wine labels. The illustrations of the new labels were commissioned to the world famous scratchboard artist Mark Summers.
We extended our contract with Lucien Arkas Vineyards for another year. Our brand name suggestions, Signore Signori for Italian Wine and La Fin du Jour for French Wine, were registered and designed. We signed a contract with the leading aluminium casting company Celikel. Three of our designs were awarded by Turkish Graphic Designers Association(GMK).